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Virtual Private Server

Your own server, without the expensive hardware costs.

Build your virtual server using the easy tool below. All orders are activated within minutes- you'll be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Virtualization Technology

Please choose your preferred virtualization technology.

There is no difference in price for these options, and they both provide full virtualization.

Step 2: Storage

Which type of storage do you want?

Hard disk storage is cheaper, solid state storage is faster.

Solid State

$0.25 per GB per month

Hard Disk

$0.10 per GB per month

Step 3: Resources

How many resources do you need?

This is your chance to get creative. Build the perfect server for you.

Step 4: Server Options

Choose your server configuration options.

We have just a few more questions before we can process your order.


Management services and software licenses are not deployed immediately. They will be manually provisioned by our sales team within 24 hours.

Your New Server

Type: None
Cores: 0
Storage: 0GB
Bandwidth: 0GB
IPv4: 1
Location: The Moon
Self Managed


One lucky winner will get a $25 account credit - who will it be? 10/16/17 10:09:48 am